ATV4k crash

I am using Zwift on ATV4k for a year now and today I experienced my first crash (two crashes in a row actually). First appeared when after a 10min warmup I clicked “Join Now” button to move to the race (not TDZ, it wasn’t that overcrowded with participants). So after that crash my wahoo sensors didn’t want to connect and I missed the race. Shortly after another crash happened when I did quit to the login screen.

All circumstances of how I use Apple TV, Companion App, Zwift, Sensors, was just as I usually do (I quit all background apps before start). My ATV heve only 3 apps installed including Zwift, so that’s not storage issue.

Hope that helps,

Make sure you force-stop the Zwift app between uses, by double pressing the home button on the remote and then swiping up on the Zwift app. Also cutting power to the ATV between uses might help.

Hey Gleb, if this happens again can you contact our technical support team so they can provide you with further assistance?

Here’s the link:

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I will, thanks!