I have been having problems with zwift freezing mid ride in the last week. Was running on an old laptop so thought maybe graphics card was the problem. Switched to my new laptop (i7 intel core and 16GB RAM) and thought all was well. Then froze completely half way through a race and had to exit programme. I have saved crash logs but whatever thread I follow to email zwift support, it just takes me to an automated ‘chat’ where i go round in circles. Can anyone give me the email address???

Is the new laptop 10th or 11th gen, running on integrated graphics? There’s a fairly longstanding issue with the game freezing up on those. I’ll link you to a potential fix.

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Thread about these issues: Intel integrated graphics gen 10 and 11

Potential fix worth trying: Zwift Crashing/Freezing Mid ride - #338 by Paul_Attard

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