Crash mid game (PC)

I bought a new PC at the end of October, using the guide to the “best” recommended by Zwift. It’s an i7 10th generation, 16 GB. I’ve had several random crashes/freezes. I’ve checked the graphics as Zwift recommended and no upgrade is needed (or available). There is no pattern to the crashes. I can ride a route without issues and then ride the same route and it crashes. The only message I get is “Zwift Not Responding” and a little blue circle goes round and round. The only way out is to Ctrl-Alt-Del.

I’ve had two similar screen freezes and “not responding” crashes in the last two weeks, on a 1 yo i7 running Win10 w/ 16GB. No problem, ever, prior to two weeks ago. Since it’s only happened twice, I haven’t been able to spot a pattern other than recency.

Bad news, this is a known issue on integrated graphics with 10th and 11th gen Intel CPUs: Intel integrated graphics gen 10 and 11

Unclear if 12th gen will be similarly affected.

As things stand there’s no fix from Zwift, but some people have had joy from installing an older graphics driver. In some cases the oldest Intel driver they could find, in others the oldest driver from their system manufacturer (Dell, for example). Here are some examples:

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Thanks Dave, There are a few things I can try - even sock length :wink:

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