Zwift crashes when being in menu and clicking on any item there

when I am in menu after having interrupted a tour and trying to change the jersey or a setting zwift crashes (zwift.exe). This began appr. 4 weeks ago but more heavily the last two weeks. I have a brandnew PC from Jan2022 with Win11, latest graphic driver and 8 GB RAM and lots of space on hard disc.
I would like to upload the crash log file as described in troubleshotting overview but that format is not allowed to upload here. It’s a bit annoying both these crashes and the description how and where to upload that file.
Hope anyone from zwift can support here.


Can you post up more specs of your PC please, specifically the CPU and GPU.

CPU: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i5-1135G7 @ 2.40GHz 2.42 GHz, 16 GB RAM
GPU: Intel Iris X, DirectX 12

The issue with crashing occured lately when moving the slider to adapt the difficulty level. Today it has worked fine with my acount but in the past not. And today zwift crashed with the account of my daughter. First, zwift did not saved her tour (it’s gone! that’s another topic I do not understand as I saw her biking in zwift but there is no file saved) and later I could not change the slider cause the app crashed.


as said I have that crashlog file prepared for upload following zwift instructions but I do not know where to upload. Here it’s obviously not possible.

Unfortunately the game freezes on 10th and 11th gen integrated graphics, and has done for approaching two years. There is a workaround by rolling back the Intel drivers to an older version, but this can only be done on Windows 10, not 11.

So for now, you’re stuck.

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Hi Dave,
Thanks for your reply.
So zwift is forcing everybody to use Win10 with latest update and stops supporting lower versions, but higher versions do not work neither?! that can’t be. it’s super annoying. last time it happened just before a race. I’ll send an ‘official’ mail to zwift support what to do here.
I started zwifting just two months ago, jumped to level 23 super fast with 3500km (never rode that much in such a short time). I really like zwifting but that’s embarrassing. sorry to say so.

Sorry, you may have misunderstood me. There’s an unofficial workaround for the problem, but it only works on Windows 10. You are on Windows 11.

Zwift fully supports Windows 10, it was support for Windows 7 and 8 that was recently discontinued.

However officially there is no fix for this issue, no matter what version of Windows you’re using.

Thanks again. So only Windows 10 is supported by Zwift (in case you have that 11th gen integrated graphics) obviously. But that is not mentioned anywhere when you subscribe, right?
I bought that new notebook mostly for Zwift and I thought buying the latest stuff would be wise…
Thanks for clarification!

Windows 11 is fully supported! :wink:

It’s just that the ‘fix’ for this freezing issue - which was discovered and verified by a few folks on here, not Zwift - uses an older Intel driver that can only be installed on Windows 10. It’s a crappy situation all round.

now I got it :wink:

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In the meanwhile I updated all drivers including the graphic driver using Intel Driver & Support Assistant (following one advice in a zwift forum). I tried zwift again like before (switching from game to menu back and forth and changed some settings) without any crashes so far. Hope that this update has solved the problem!

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