Zwift crashing since Windows 11 upgrade

Since updating my Dell PC with Windows 11, screen will freeze and Zwift crashes. The file becomes damaged and won’t upload to Strave. But the ride does appear in Activities…up until crashing of course. Every time it’s happened, I have been in a group ride, may just be coincidence.

Is it crashing on particular worlds (e.g. Makuri) or all worlds?

What are the specs of your PC?

Try re-installing the game. I’ve had similar experiences since most recent game updates on Win 11.

I will give this a try. I rolled it back to Windows 10. Now it just screen freezes like it always has, but didn’t shut down. Will remove and reinstall Zwift though and see if any improvement from that.

It has happened in two different worlds. And not enough times to see how many worlds it would happen in. And I don’t know the computer specs. It’s had been running Zwift for a couple years now. And a second computer in the house, which was purchased at the same time, has no problems.
I did roll back to Windows 10. Now it just screen freezes, but hasn’t shut down yet.
Going to remove and reinstall Zwift to see if I get any improvement.

Hi All
My Zwift freezes randomly sometimes within 2-3mins, tonight after 40mins during a training session??
New laptop with the latest version of Zwift, switch to my iPhone everything works ok, same wifi setup etc
Any ideas

If you folks are using integrated graphics on a 10th or 11th gen Intel CPU, the freezing is a known issue. Rolling back the graphics driver seems to work, but it’s a Windows 10 only solution unfortunately.

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Gotcha, thanks Dave_ZPCMR!!!

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See here: Zwift Crashing/Freezing Mid ride - #378 by Peter_Gross

Hi Dave,
Turns out I don’t have Intel. It’s Nvidia. Any good info to share to fix screen freezes with that driver?


List the full specs of your machine. You can find these by hitting Start, typing dxdiag and pressing enter. Post here the entries against processor, memory (System tab), and the graphics card and driver version (Display tab). That’ll give us something to go on.

Windows 10 home 64 bit, system-XPS 8930, Processor- Intel R Core i7-9700 CPU @ 3.09 ghz, memory 16384mb ram

Need to post the stuff from the Display tab too.

Zwift SG

Just wondering if anyone has had this pop up… Windows 11, BT all connected but when I select any routes the Connection Failure pops up… but the HRM works?