Companion app fail

I am using a Tacx Neo connecting via iPhone bluetooth and a laptop.
Since IOS13 and a zwift update during the week I cannot connect all 3 devices at once. As soon as I take my iphone near the tacx I lose connection companion app moves back to home page and not data is dsplayed on laptop. This setup has worked fine for a year but now I cannot Zwift at all. Any ideas, please?

Hi Stuart,
since the Zwift update I am also having problems with my Companion App.
Not the same problems as yourself though. I contacted Zwift last Saturday and
am still waiting for a reply.
Sorry I can’t help but I thought you’d might be interested to know.

I have had the same issue today (23/11) using CA on iPhone

Never had a problem with it until run today when it did not pick up the run and switch so no dashboard etc , just remained on home page

Zwift all okay and connected quickly on iPad

I have worked around this by getting an ANT+ dongle and connecting that way.