Pairing Issues - Tacx Neo and iPad Pro 9.7

(Buddy Funkhauser) #1


Happy Xmas to all.

I’ve been riding with iOS on iPad Pro 9.7, since its recent release, with no issues (it’s been fantastic).  Unfortunately, I couldn’t pair at all today.

I went through a host of variables:

The iPad pairs with other Bluetooth devices (none were paired whilst trying to connect to Zwift).

The Neo pairs with both the Tacx Utility App (via Bluetooth on iPhone 5s and iPad pro 9.7), and my MacBook Pro via Ant+

Working through the variables suggests that there is a pairing issue via BT between iOS (on both devices) and the Neo.

My last ride was at the beginning of the week.  Has there been an iOS update since then?  Might there be an issue arising from that?  I deleted, then reloaded, Zwift on the iPad, with no change.

I rode via the MBPro today, but I would much prefer to get back to the iPad.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks.


(Jason K) #2

There’s no issue we’re aware of that’s affecting pairing with the Neo, so I’d recommend going through our troubleshooting article. Above all, make sure you’re not directly pairing the Neo to something else when Zwift is searching for it.

(Peter Everitt) #3


I have exactly the same set up as you and have experienced the same connectivity issues that always boils down to turning Bluetooth off on my Mac and iPhone because I’ve left something running in the background. I also ensure that I disconnect the Tacx utility app and close it down on the iPad.



(Buddy Funkhauser) #4



Thank you very much for all the helpful replies.  I’m back in business.  The Apple Pencil seemed to be conflicting.  I’m not sure why as it was fine over the last few rides, but as soon as I unpaired that from the iPad, the Neo and Zwift (re)connected.


Thanks again.