Unable to pair to Tacx Neo2

Hi there, a common problem, I am looking for some troubleshooting advice.

I am running Apple iPad (latest iOS 12.4) and am unable to pair to Zwift with my new Tacx Neo2, via Bluetooth.
The trainer is able to pair to the Tacx Utility application.
However, I am unable to get Zwift to connect (the Tacx application is fully closed).
I have tried trainer and app and iPad restarts.
I am running latest iOS and Tacx firmware.
I have no other Bluetooth devices/apps running.

Any other troubleshooting advice greatly appreciated.

Which iPad do you have (e.g, iPad mini gen xx, iPad gen xx, iPad Air gen xx, etc…) Please be specific. The reason I ask is because not all iPads support Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) which is needed to connect to Zwift.

And while I have a Neo, I’m not sure if it requires BLE or not :thinking: However, I am pretty sure the Tacx desktop app requires BLE.

I have the same problem just now I tried two different TACX Neo. What was the solution?
Best from Finn Arve…

Same exact problem here with an iPad Pro 2nd gen (2017) running with iOS15. The Bluetooth works with the TACX Utility App but not with Zwift

Are you sure your Neo2 is disconnected from all other apps, and not paired through the iPad Bluetooth? I use my Neo2 on iPad regularly and have never experienced any issues.

Thank you for the answer
I think Yes, I have quit all applications on all devices to be sure

I have the opposite problem. The Neo2 connects fine to the iPad (5th gen), but Tacx App is unreliable on the iPad (HRM not the bike). Meanwhile the Tacx desktop app works fine on a Lenovo laptop but has intermittent drop outs with Zwift.

My solution has been to use the hardware that works with the app while I dig into the problem. I would prefer to use the Lenovo, because of the better screen resolution and abundance of old flat screens available used these days.

Same Problem here. Connects to Tacx Training App but NOT to Zwift. iPad Pro 2 with iOS 15.0.1.
Everything disconnected. Tried all variations of Airplane Mode / WLAN / Bluetooth. Clueless.

Additional Info. Haven´t used Zwift / Tacx for a couple of months during summer, so I can´t say if the iOS update or a Zwift update has broken the connection. I guess the first one. The Tacx Neo DOES connect to the zwift app on the the Mac and also the companion and the apple watch are fully functioning. At least I have a workaround for the time being.