Apple TV App/InsideRide Issue

I’ve been using InsideRide smart rollers with the Zwift Apple TV app, connecting with Bluetooth, for almost two years without major isssue, but today the resistance on my trainer is no longer adjusting to gradient changes in Zwift. I suspect it has something to do with the 8/17 app version update for a few reasons:

  • I don’t typically do a hard close out of the app after a ride. Before my ride today I was asked to login to Zwift, which I haven’t been asked to do in some time. I’m guessing that I finally updated to the 8/17 version today, despite the fact that I have selected automatic updates.

  • I don’t see anything broken on the trainer and saw no firmware updates on the InsideRide app. I used the InsideRide app to check if the resistance was working by manually changing gradient, and it seemed to be working fine.

  • I deleted and reinstalled the Zwift app on Apple TV, but no fix. I tried riding with the Apple mobile app and had the same issue.

Any help you can provide would be most appreciated.

Did you verify your trainer is paired as the “controllable trainer”? Otherwise, you will not get resistance changes that follow the gradient.

I too use an Apple TV and while it has been near bullet proof w/regards to Zwift, it is a good habit to force quit both it and the Companion app after each session.

Thanks for responding, and you are absolutely correct! The trainer was pairing as the “Power Source,” but not as the “controllable trainer,” and I simply overlooked it. Not sure why it suddenly started doing that, but I’m glad that you clued me in to the simple fix. Much appreciated.

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