ATV issue

Zwift would not pair my Neo2T using ATV this morning. Is this known issue with recent update? I did delete and reinstall app without success. Advice please.

I didn’t have any issue yesterday evening with my setup.

Does it show up on the pairing screen, or is it not detected at all?

Did you get a prompt to allow bluetooth with the app after you reinstalled it?

Have you connected your trainer to an app on your phone, ipad, computer, etc. recently? Turn off bluetooth on any other device that you have connected it to and see if it will pair.

I had to not only remove and reinstall the app, but do same with the Companion App, as well as RESTART my ATV. (note: ATV4k 2022) For good measure, ensure the NEO and all other sensors are unpaired/forgotten everywhere.

What? Post-update, your setup broke and the only solution was to fully nuke everything?

Was that directed at OP, or me, @Lin_Alan ?

If me: I did have to nuke everything to get it to work again. Honestly? No big deal on the ATV - the setup process takes, like, 60 seconds.

Yes at you @Otto_Destruct

Surprised that you had to go nuclear to get things working again. I’ve never had to reboot my Apple TV, much less delete and reinstall Zwift. My Apple TV 4K from 2017 has been rock solid. I’m also on a Neo, albeit OG Neo.

Surprised me too! ATV4k has been rock solid for me. (I had a Gen 1, now the 2022) It was only the most recent Zwift app update that was causing issues and I gather most people haven’t had problems at all.

Same here, no probs. ATV updates are a little on the slow side for me, but other than that never really had any issues with this set-up.