Zwift on AppleTV connection problems [SOLVED]

Since a couple / around time of latest update I have trouble that Zwift doesn’t find my Taxc Neo to connect.

Checked that neo, appleTV have latest updates and so.

Neo works fine with Ant over PC, Bluetooth also running cause I can connect him to my iPhone.

Don’t know what else to try. Disconnected Neo several times from power. No change. Pls help.

If you have the Neo connected to your phone you will not be able to connect it to your ATV (only 1 BLE connection at a time). So, go into the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone and ‘forget’ the Neo. Hopefully that will get it to show up on your ATV. Also, if you are using your ATV with any other devices, keep in mind that the ATV only has 2 available BT connections, so be sure it’s not trying to connect to too many devices.


What @Nigel_Tufnel said above.

I have a NEO1 connected to an Apple TV 4K. No issues w/the latest update, the previous update, the one before that, etc., for over three years now.

Having multiple devices logged in to your account at the same time will also steal the Bluetooth signal from the computer you want to use.

It’s best practice to install the game app only on the device you want to use to Zwift.

Thanks for the quick replies! I reset appleTV with installing Zwift again. Then it asked to enabled Bluetooth and it’s working again. Must have been like you were saying. Beforehand I never had problems with that setup during the last three years.

I was just going to try Zwift. No issues with Rouvy. But I tried to connect and it refuses. Just stuck searching. Trying one reinstall to see if that helps. (Permission issue?) but I’m about to give up. Not going to reset my AppleTV.

Check if your trainer is BT wise already connected. Fell into that trap and didn’t see it. Otherwise Zwift is working great for last 3 years in combo with appleTV for me.