Can't Zwift together Anymore (two of us) (apple 4K TV and Tacx Neo)

It so disappointing - wishing to smak everything - when again Zwift does not find the Neo, cannot connect. For more than a year it worked, both for me and my partner, but out of the blue it does no longer connect. We had already more and more problems with heart monitors in Zwift Academy, but nothing helps, checking interference, new batteries, restarting… refreshing software. NO idea what is causing this lately, and Zwift support is not solving the problem either, is this the beginning of the end? More roads, more dino’s but the basics is not relaible at all!, is that worth 15 Euro a month?

Apple just released a new software update for most of its devices so it may have something to do with what happened. You may want to send in a ticket to Zwift to see what they have to say about your situation as well.

Edit: Maybe the blutooth pairing needs to be redone. I don’t know.

I have been in totally dispair, was it iOS 13 that causes it, Apple’s updates?, or…

I have done the following: (and that resolved the issues):

  • Put bluetooth on (two) iPhones off, the Zwift companion app on iPhones will connect via Wifi network (we have Wifi in our sportroom to besides ethernet), this solved the problem, nothing else did! It even made heart rate monitors work (although bluetooth was not used on iPhones in the past while it was selected on on)

  • if you have TV monitors with bluetooth, put all bluetooth options on TV’s on Off (which I had already done long before we had the troubles coming)

  • our two Apple 4K TV’s are on ethernet (nothing changed there either)

  • nothing changed on our two Tacx neo (they connect via bluetooth and had already latest software)

Furthermore I updated one of the Apple TV 4K to iOS 13, the other was doing fine with 13.1 developer software for many days already.

So all in al my advise is to people having problems put bluetooth off on Phones, that solves the issue, and also it made our heart rate monitors much more stable, stil they drop, but much better. Pity is that each time you sport you have to manually put of bluetooth settings on off on both phones.

Thank Fez, I solved the issue, updates Apple TV’s, but trick was to put bluetooth on iPhones in settings on off, heart rate monitors are now much more stable too, at least for the ride we made today

Glad to see you’ve figured out the problem. Sounded frustrating but at least you are good to go.