Connection Appletv- Tacx Neo 2T problem

I have installed a Tacx Neo 2T and Apple Tv 4K.
I have downloaded App Zwift and created an account.
I ooen the app on ApplTv and open my account

When trying to connect to Tacx it takes FOREVER if it at all find a connection.

It does no change if I sit on the bike and move the pedals

Does anyone ecperiance the same problem to connect Tacx Neo 2T to AppleTv??

Please help!

Have you got the latest os on Apple TV

Is the Tacx plugged in? Have you downloaded the latest firmware for the Neo? The latest OS for ATV?

I’m having the same issue. Tacx Neo 2 connects perfectly to the Tacx app and utility app, but will not show up in AppleTV or on Zwift companion app. Finding any info from Tacx itself is few and far between. If anyone has any advice, much appreciated.

@Brian_Barclay It may be worth it to turn off BT on your phone and see if that helps you get the Neo connected to Zwift through the Apple TV. Maybe just maybe your phone (from connecting the Neo to the Tacx app) isn’t letting go of the Neo and allowing it to connect to the ATV. If it works, you can turn BT back on for the phone after the Neo is already busy talking to the ATV.


Thanks! I was able to finally get it set up. I had to hard reset everything…ATV, Phone, Neo. Then, instead of pedaling to get the connection going, I just waited until ATV just recognized it. Whatever combo was there… it linked. We’ll see if it easily connects the next time.

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Same setup for me (Neo2T + ATV4k), and it connects every time without fail in seconds.