Tacx Neo 2 /Apple TV 4k dropping CONNECTION

Years of seamless use and now my neo 2 keeps losing connection to the Apple TV mid ride. Any suggestions?

Using the same setup with zero issues, so I’m guessing it’s something specific to you. Are you n the latest updates for all devices? Any potential items recently introduced to the space that might affect the BT connection?

Same as Nigel, NEO2T mind you, BLE to ATV4K, zero issues. I’ve had to manually check the App Store for updates a few times lately - it didn’t update automatically.

Trevor: can you share more details of your setup? (WiFi/RF environment, any phones, watches, other sensors, bike computers etc) You’re connecting directly, not via the Companion App, yes?

So my set up is

Apple TV4k. Software tvOS 15.4.1 (19L452)

Zwift app version 1.24.0 (100757)

Tacx Neo2 software. 0.0.38 (serial 22817)

On WiFi. Speed 380 Mbps

iPad running Zwift companion (old iPad iOS 12.5.5) Zwift 3.34.0 (1213)

Nothing else in the area connected.
Pretty much running the same set up for 2 years.