Apple TV 4K - No Signal - No Controllable

Hi there,

bought a recent ATV 4K 128 GB (OS 16.3.2) yesterday and I‘m facing severe connection issues when trying to pair my Tacx Neo Bike Smart trainer via the ATVs BLE and hope to get some help here:

I am riding Zwift with the same bike on a previous model of the ATV 4K (A1842;OS 14.5;also using the ATVs BLE) without any problems for more than a year.

I decided to buy my wife a second Tacx Neo Bike Smart (which works fine) and connect it to Zwift via the new ATV 4K 128 GB.

Every time I try to connect one of the bikes with the new ATV via its own BLE it always connects to the power source and the cadence but then some seconds later shows „No Signal“. The controllable can’t even be found. HRM (a Garmin Dual) is always found and is the only thing that works fine.

The above happens with both bikes. The weird thing: both bikes work like a charm on the „older“ ATV 4K.

Connecting via the Zwift Companion App also works. The issues seems to be the new ATV 4K 128 GB, maybe the newer 16.xx OS-Versions.

Is there anyone out there having the same issues?

Thank you all!!


Hi Otto,

thx you for your input, much appreciated.

I can honestly say I‘ve already tried your suggestions (including wiping to factory settings).

Although - having in
mind your linked ANT+Dongle experience - there might be something I could have missed nothing helped so far.

I‘m currently thinking about getting another one of the older ones. But if it should be an issue with the current it must be an ATV 4K which has not been updated for a while ….