Tacx Neo to apple tv connection issue

Hi everyone
I’ve been using a Tacx Neo and apple TV 4k for the last 3 or 4 years without any problems.
A few months ago though, the apple tv couln’t connect to my bike anymore, I had to pair it through the app. It works but I often have to try to pair several times, and sometines the pairing is lost during the ride. So it’s a bit glitchy.
I restarted the apple TV and the bike but it makes no difference, Zwift does not see the power and cadence sensor.
Any help would be appreciated,
thanks !!

Does it pair reliably to the Tacx app? I would try that and do any firmware updates if available.

Since it’s not reliably pairing to two different devices, it might be worth investigating Bluetooth interference in your environment.


On the Apple TV the usual advice is:

  1. Always force close the app after use. (Or reboot Apple TV)
  2. Remove and reinstall the app
  3. Do a factory reset of the Apple TV and make sure tvOS is current

Thanks for your suggestions Paul. It’s true I do not close the app after my ride so I’ll try this out.
Maybe I’ll remove the app too and reinstall it.