Increasing Number of Communication Issues (no chat)


(Clive King [KRT]) #1


We have been seeing an increasing number of communication issues of late; The last two occurring in the past 24 hours in events (KiSS Europe Race 13/11/18 20:05 GMT, and today during Xert Surplus Seeker Ride 10:45 GMT). Resulting in no messaging from ride leaders or other group riders, other group riders cannot see our messages.

Setup is below:

TACX T2800 NEO August 2016 (approaching 400+hours) AC Powered
AppletTV 4K
BLE with Tacx Neo and Wahoo Tickr HR or Tickr Fit HR
**Latest Zwift Version: 1.0.31648
using BLE from Android Phone (also running companion app) with BLE BOSE Headphones
Using Fans with 2,4Ghz wireless remote
5GHz Wifi Connection with 3rd party TPLINK VR900 Router running 5GHZ and 2.4GHZ WiFi networks (very reliable) - 70MB/20MB EE Fibre Connection (Very reliable)

(Thorsten Zwieback TFC Racing) #2

I can confirm the lack of comms using an Apple TV 4k in group rides and races.

(Aaron Zwanzig) #3

Ditto on lack of messaging in this morning’s group ride, on Apple TV 4k (11-13-2018 update) with Android Companion App.

Also no “High fives” for me. But lots for everyone else.

(Vincent W.) #4


@Aaron_Zwanzig @Zwieback are you all still running into these issues?

(Clive King [KRT]) #5

i don’t believe its an ATV related issue; fellow riders and racers on different platforms also experiencing the same issue. Quite common for riders to report no Comms during group rides and races at the moment.

(Thorsten Zwieback TFC Racing) #6

Hi, Thanks for looking into this! I’ve not tried since Tuesday. I’ll check it out this weekend and let you know.

(Aaron Zwanzig) #7

I haven’t had a chance to ride again until today.

In today’s ride, at different points, i wore the blue polka-dot goat Epic KOM jersey, the red polka-dot mountain KOM jersey, and the green sprint jersey. I don’t know if the jerseys were visible to other riders or not, i didn’t get any confetti when i got them, but i also didn’t get any ride-ons. After the ride I was notified that i received 7 ride-ons. I don’t know if they came during the ride or after, but i would have expected to get at least 1 or 2 upon earning the jerseys.

The Epic KOM was during a workout, but the KOM and sprint were after.

I also recall not seeing any chatter from the other riders, and there was definitely at least a couple group rides around me. There would usually be a fair amount of messaging going on.

So although i can’t be 100% positive, i think it is still happening.

(Thorsten Zwieback TFC Racing) #8

I am afraid I have to confirm, the issues are ongoing on the latest tvOS Zwift app on ATV4k. No group chat in my group ride tonight (TFC)

(. Peter TFC C) #9

All riders in group rides keep disapearing over the last week or so.

(Clive King [KRT]) #10

riders disappearing is poor Internet speed or connection. look into Google Mesh or similar.

(Clive King [KRT]) #11

@Vincent This is happening right now in the REVO Spin & Sprint ride, Zwift ATV and Companion app are connected but no Comms. Messaging is not visible nor able to communicate with others.

(Clive King [KRT]) #12

I’ve a theory here. I no longer start the companion app until after Zwift is running on ATV and I’m logged in. This seems to have resolved the no chat issue for me, but still keeping an eye out :flushed:

( Jay Dee Zrg) #13

Same here @ZRG on Monday and INC this morning with Neo, ATV4K and Tickr.

(Vincent W.) #14

Hey @Clive_King @_Jay_Dee_ZRG our quality assurance team have been made aware of these issues and are investigating. Thank you for the detailed heads up!

Edit: @Clive_King @_Jay_Dee_ZRG have you all tried completely closing Zwift from your Apple TV 4K after finishing an event?