Tacx Neo and the TVos app.

 I was having an awful time connecting via Bluetooth to the Tacx Neo and consequently getting the functions of the Neo to work with Zwift.  It turns out the BT connection via the Apple TV was interfering with the ability of my iPhone to communicate with the NEO.  Furthermore, the Zwift TV Os application does not work with the Neo.  There is no road feel, no resistance when climbing…nothing.  The application becomes useless when paired with with the Neo.

Are you using the ZML on your iPhone Jonathon?

Plus this may be of help:


Bluetooth is not a multi point protocol. You can either connect with your phone or connect with the Apple TV not both at the same time.  The OS TV application works just fine with the Neo. I use it every day with full road feel. 

However, you do need to actually set it up properly.  This is done by setting up the Neo with the latest firmware in yeh Tacx app and setting the road feel up as you want. You then disconnect the Tacx app by ceasing the app or switching off the Bluetooth. You then connect the Neo to the Apple TV and paid it up. Zwift will then control it fully. 

If you are attempting to keep your phone and the Apple TV connected at the same time the Neo does not connect properly as a controllable device. I made this schoolboy error when I first installed mine.