Issue with Resistance on Kickr Core

Hi All!

I just picked up a Kickr Core after years of using a Cyclops Fluid2.

So far it’s a bit dissappointing.

Here’s my setup.

  • Apple TV 4K
  • Stages Gen2 Power Meter as power source and cadence
  • Kickr Core as controllable

So I’m using the Stages as my power source, however, it seems like to turn over any sort of power I have to use a really big gear.

On the flats, I’m turning the 53x12 or 53x13 at around 90 RPM just to do 200-220 watts. It seems to me like this is way to little resistance. When I get to a hill, things seem to be a bit better.

Is it normal to spin out on the flats in Zwift at just over 200 watts or is something wrong here? When I was on my dumb trainer I’d regularly ride the flats at 300 +, so this is a bit annoying so far.

The other thing I’ve tried is to just use the Kickr Core as my power source, but it seems like the Kickr is reporting power outputs that are significantly higher than what my Stages reports. So this isn’t really an option for me if I want to keep my training numbers consistent.

I went ahead and used my iPhone X to run Zwift (and mirrored my screen to my Apple TV) and when I did this rather than using my Apple TV the resistance felt much better. I never got anywhere near the 53x11. So I’m thinking this may be a bug in the current Apple TV software. So I guess for now my solution is to not use the Apple TV software.

I have a kickr 17. ATV works fine for me. Just make sure there are no other apps controlling the trainer. Say for instance I am running TR on my phone and I connect to zwift on ATV, if I have the controllable trainer selected in zwift i would get funny wattage issues as the two systems are trying to control the trainer. Just make sure it is only being controlled by one source.

It’s hard to say if that’s happening to me or not. I always close the TR app on my phone when I’m done using it, so I would think it’s not active. However, I do have to use the companion app to pair my sensors with the AppleTV. So maybe the sensors are trying to pair with the AppleTV instead of through my phone?