Apple TV Sensor Drop Outs after 1.52

I’ve been running Zwift game on AppleTV for years, using the Cable bridge to overcome the 2 BT AppleTV limit and it has been rock solid. Trainer is a Wahoo KICKR SNAP with Wahoo Cadence Sensor and Wahoo HRM.

Yesterday, I did a group ride after the 1.52 update and I had continued senor drop outs. First HR would disappear, then power and then cadence. Avatar would slow down, then in a few seconds, HR came back then power and cadence. Happened every few minutes for the first 20 minutes and then every 10 minutes or so for the rest of a 60 minute ride.

A friend also using AppleTV but using iPad and the Companion App has bridge has same issue, though his started after 1.51 and continued into 1.52. He had to switch to running the game app on his iPad.

Reboot of AppleTV (on latest version) and new battery in Cable bridge did not resolve.

An update issue? Other things to try?

Thanks, John P.