Apple TV - Controllable Trainer failure

Within the last week, I noticed that my AppleTV stopped controlling the “controllable trainer”. I pair with a Wahoo Snap. It does connect to the sensor with no trouble, and I am not overloading the sensors by bolting on a HR sensor or cadence meter - just the power sensor and controllable trainer.

I’ve tried power resets on apple TV and trainer (which I had to do every ride or the controllable trainer wouldn’t work - now power cycle doesn’t do the trick). I’ve tried forgetting the trainer and searching for it again. And - everything works just fine when I use the Zwift app through my laptop. Did a recent change in Zwift-AppleTV app impact this? 

Thanks in advance!

I and a friend also experienced this where there was no resistance on the trainer also using Apple TV 

That is happening to me as well, hope they can solve the problem soon!