Can’t stop Zwift on my Apple Watch!

I just was able to get the Zwift app on my Apple Watch to actually show my heart rate but now the app seems to persistently stay open even with no rate rate open and unpaired. Also, it just keeps logging exercise minutes! I have gone through the Zwift app on my iPhone and iPad as well as the Zwift Connector app on my iPhone but nothing is active. I literally can’t make the Zwift app on popping up with this screen and recording excercise.
After trying to manually start and stop rides in case something was still running somehow, but it continues. At this point the only thing I can do is delete the Zwift app from phone which is frustrating because it took so long just to get it to show more than “- -“ for my heartbeat.

Is this a bug or a known issue?

Also, if I am using Zwift on my iPad using the Connector App, is the only way to install the Zwift watch app is via the Zwift IPhone App? The whole setup is so complicated that I have yet to actually get it to work for a single ride.

It happens. When it does, go to the native Apple Watch app and start an Outdoor Walk (or similar). Immediately end the exercise and that will solve it.

Thanks for the tip. I will give that a try. That is definitely less annoying than deleting the Zift app from my phone which was the only thing I could find that actually worked.

It’s discouraging that it’s a known bug which is potentially a painful problem when I don’t notice it for a while and then have to manually delete hundreds of individual minutes of misreported exercise one minute at a time. Rough!

Hopefully this will get fixed, and at some point maybe Zwift will make the process of linking Apple Watch heart rate and Cadence (from a Cable pod, for example ) a lot less convoluted. I don’t get why the Companion features aren’t just a mode in the Zwift iPhone app rather than complicating it with a third app that you need to have running if you want to watch on something other than your iPhone.

Thanks again!