Apple Watch Companion App

When I went to connect my HR monitor of my Apple Watch to Zwift companion the app no longer is available. Is there a new way to attach Apple Watch hr to companion/Zwift

Try this

Came here to write this very post.

Companion app worked fine a couple days ago. After the last update (Zwift Companion 3.51.0) the app disappeared from my Apple Watch (watchOS 9.6.3) and is no longer available to install. Tried removing and reinstalling Zwift Companion from the app store this morning - did not help. I am on iOS 16.6.

Here’s the thing… on the app store it says the watch app only works on watchOS 10 or greater. Seriously?? That’s going to push out a lot of older watch users… that update has been out for like ten days.

I haven’t tried it yet, but the solution * should * be to update your watch to latest. Which of course also requires you to update your phone to iOS 17. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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So pissed that Zwift stopped Apple Watch Companion. How the hell are users supposed to track their heart rate?!?!!!

Zwift just love giving reasons to dump your service (and that’s coming from a level 60 user). I’ve really had it.

And I’m not going to download another app that costs money to link my watch to your Zwift (like Echo). Zwift is expensive enough!

What are you going to do about it Zwift?!!!

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Have you tried the Echo app mentioned a few comments above yours?

Did YOU read my post saying I wasn’t going to get an app (like Echo) that I need to pay for?!?!

ZWIFT Companion should NOT, NOT, NOT have been un-supported!

Buying an app is not the solution. Zwift fixing Companion (and without making it a paid app) is the solution. It was working nearly fine until some yahoo broke it.


I’d direct that anger at Apple. There are long established standards for transmitting HR data that every other watch and HR strap manufacturer uses. It would be very easy for Apple to transmit HR data via a standard BT signal but they chose not to and that’s on them not on Zwift.


Your comments not withstanding, but my devices worked yesterday and the same devices don’t work today.

Zwift leadership/programmers should be ahead of these hurdles, not causing users to trip over them!

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The interesting thing is that Zwift formally posted that apple watch devices were no longer supported (and the companion app would be removed from the store) a long time ago, and that actually didn’t happen at the time.

They did say they had a plan to do something to support them at a later time, but I don’t think any of that materialized, not sure if due to priorities, or difficulty working with the apple ecosystem.

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Zwift officially dropped support for the Watch app a long time ago (last year?). Now it’s finally gone (without any announcement about it happening in this update - hard to say if it was intentional but since it’s unsupported, it probably won’t be fixed).

Here’s another app that’s free. I haven’t tried it. I think you’re going to have to deal with this issue on your own or go elsewhere.

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Yup. It’s completely gone from my Apple Watch, yet the Companion App says to connect my Apple Watch through the devices screen in the game, which doesn’t work.WTH is going on Zwift?

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I found what I think is the original thread on termination of support for the Watch app

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Not sure if you all missed my post at the top of this thread but the Apple Watch app was not “stopped” or “terminated” etc… it’s just unsupported unless you update to iOS 17 and watchOS 10 (which only came out a few days ago).

I just updated my phone and watch to latest and now the Companion app is back on my watch (I had to go into the watch app and manually “INSTALL” companion). I still think this is a bit harsh - forcing users to immediately upgrade with zero backwards compatibility for slightly older versions of the OS. I’m very curious as to the reasoning for this.


I’m going to give the iOS 17 update a go. Thanks for the heads up on this… been trying to figure out what the heck happened like the rest of you.

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Same thing here. Companion app no longer on my watch and when I try to get it from Apple store, I got error.

I Installed IOS 17 on my iphone and now it’s working again!

Hello All. I updated to os 17 on my phone and os 10 on my apple watch, and all works again. No problem of either zwift or apple. Easy fix.

Zwift released a minor update to the Companion App today: Companion App version 3.51.1 restores the Apple Watch Companion App.

(I did not need to update the iOS on my iPhone to 17)

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