Apple watch heart monitoring left on - forever after zwift companion

Dear Zwift developers - can you please see if you can turn the constant heart rate monitoring off when I close zwift companion on my apple watch ? I’m pretty sure it shreds the battery life and just seems a bit “amateur”.
You can witness this by killing the zwift companion app on the apple watch - then check out the leds used on the back of the watch - after the zwift companion has been on (and connected to the zwift companion app on the iphone!!) the leds will be constantly on monitoring the heart rate.

Ziwft does not support Apple Watch integration.


Erm, this isn’t quite right. The Apple Watch app from Zwift Companion isn’t being maintained anymore but it’s still there if you had it already.

But it’s not supported. So asking Zwift to change/improve something regarding Apple Watch isn’t going to get anywhere.

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Really quite sad to be frank. Apple ain’t going anywhere - apple watches aren’t going anywhere - in fact I suspect the market penetration will continue to grow with more SE models.
To do the equivalent of throwing ones toys out of the pram seems a pretty short sighted tactic.
I used to use my garmin chest belts with ANT - which, although quire reliable are a pain to wear.

To be fair to Zwift, this should really be directed at Apple as they’re the ones that make it very difficult, if not impossible without a 3rd party app, to broadcast HR.

I can get my Garmin watch to broadcast HR and pair to Zwift quicker than I can get a chest strap on and paired. Why Apple chooses to make it so difficult when it doesn’t need to be makes no sense.

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Bingo. Apple doesn’t “play nice” with other ecosystems - they want everyone inside their walled garden. This isn’t on Zwift.

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Well - I asked and I think zwift dev’s delivered - no longer a problem… now when companion stops on the the iphone it looks like the heart rate monitoring is stopped on the watch.
Well done Dev’s !

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I really don’t think they did. But I’m glad if it’s working for you now. Just bear in mind that it’s not supported so may stop working again at some point.

Lol - yeah might be a fundamental update of the watch OS that forcibly stops the infinite monitoring of the heart rate… but you know, I thought I’d try and give the dev’s a win.