The zwift companion is never terminated on Apple watch

I use Apple Watch SE and iPhone 11Pro

  1. Turn on Zwift on PC
  2. Turn on Zwift Companion App on iPhone, then Zwift Companion on Apple watch is automatically turned on and starts HRM
  3. Start Game
  4. Stop Game

Now, Game is stopped, But Apple watch still captures HRM

  1. Even though I kill the Zwift Companion app on Apple watch, it still runs showing ‘unpaired’
  2. Even though I reboot my iPhone, it still runs showing ‘unpaired’
  3. Even though I reboot my Apple Watch, it still runs showing ‘unpaired’

I can’t stop the zwift companion app capturing HRM. It runs runs runs and I can’t stop it.
Only time can finish it.

I finished work out 1 hours ago, but the Zwift Companion on Apple watch is still running.
Please let me know how to terminate it…

It consumes my battery too much…

To stop it, start a new activity in the native activity app (ie, Outdoor Walk) and then end that Outdoor Walk right away. This happens to me every once in a while. Frustrating.

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Thanks so much for this workaround, Mark! What a relief!

Nice. That works. I might keep the 2100cal / 260min workout tho…

Between this and the “unpaired” bug with Apple Watch, I don’t envy the engineers trying to fix this (it’s likely to be an apple os problem)

March 2022 and this is still happening. Thanks for the workaround.

Hi @Jeff_Schroeder

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As stated in our related Zwift support article, “Apple® Watch support as a HR monitor is now in beta! While there may be some bugs, you can check it out now.”

This feature has remained in “beta” for several years and I’ve seen no indication that full support is happening any time soon.

Reading between the lines, it’s been my experience that when using Apple Watch as a heart rate monitor in Zwift, looking for the occasional workaround is likely one’s best bet to keep it feasibly functional.

@Steven_D thanks for the info. Odd that something as ubiquitous as the Apple Watch is not supported beyond beta.

Hi @Jeff_Schroeder

You’re welcome.

I agree with you and I’ve always found that to be odd as well.

My only guess is that in order for Apple Watch to function as an HRM in Zwift, it requires a lot of extra steps above and beyond what’s typical for standard BLE enabled heart rate monitors.

So essentially, compared to more basic heart rate monitoring devices, using Apple Watch in Zwift has never been very “plug and play” and I’d guess that whatever technological hurdles presented by the app and/or device just haven’t evolved to the point where that’s become a reality.

This is an older support article correct? In Dec it was announced that Zwift was pulling the Companion app from the Watch Apple store:

Relevant section here:

"Additionally, for Apple Watch owners: we are aware that this experience needs upgrades and we are working on a longer term vision for support. In the meantime, the Zwift Game and Companion apps will be removed from the Watch App Store.

This means:

  • New users will not be able to install the Zwift Game or Companion apps
  • Legacy users will be able to use the watch apps, but will receive no updates to either app"
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Hi @SeattleSauve

Sounds about right. Looks like there’s basic functionality for Zwifters who still use the Zwift and ZC apps on Apple Watch, but it sounds like we’re not supporting any new downloads of the app or further updates until the “longer term vision for support” comes to fruition.