The zwift companion is never terminated on Apple watch

I use Apple Watch SE and iPhone 11Pro

  1. Turn on Zwift on PC
  2. Turn on Zwift Companion App on iPhone, then Zwift Companion on Apple watch is automatically turned on and starts HRM
  3. Start Game
  4. Stop Game

Now, Game is stopped, But Apple watch still captures HRM

  1. Even though I kill the Zwift Companion app on Apple watch, it still runs showing ‘unpaired’
  2. Even though I reboot my iPhone, it still runs showing ‘unpaired’
  3. Even though I reboot my Apple Watch, it still runs showing ‘unpaired’

I can’t stop the zwift companion app capturing HRM. It runs runs runs and I can’t stop it.
Only time can finish it.

I finished work out 1 hours ago, but the Zwift Companion on Apple watch is still running.
Please let me know how to terminate it…

It consumes my battery too much…

To stop it, start a new activity in the native activity app (ie, Outdoor Walk) and then end that Outdoor Walk right away. This happens to me every once in a while. Frustrating.

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Thanks so much for this workaround, Mark! What a relief!

Nice. That works. I might keep the 2100cal / 260min workout tho…

Between this and the “unpaired” bug with Apple Watch, I don’t envy the engineers trying to fix this (it’s likely to be an apple os problem)