Apple Watch crashes - but works in the background

Hi. I’m running Zwift on Apple TV 4, iPhone 11 and Apple Watch 5. Recently my watch started behaving strangely:

  • The Watch connects on my TV screen but does not show heart rate
  • the apple watch app displays “unpaired”
  • After the workout, the heart rate graph looks normal on my iPhone - so the watch IS logging it
  • The little runner icon on my watch continues to run after end of workout, green light is shining underneath and the app says “unpaired”

Anyone had the same issues and has a solution?

Yes, take a look at the Apple Watch posts in this subforum. There are a number of issues. It got worse since the last update. Zwift isn’t really supporting Apple Watch functionality. FYI, if it continues to run like it did, reboot the watch. If it continues to run after you reboot (like mine did this weekend), start another activity using Apple’s native activity app (ie, start an outdoor walk). Then end it. The little running man should stop. Then reboot your watch again. It’s a joke that they can’t get this working.

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