Brings back Apple Watch

Why was Apple Watch app pulled? Why should we need to buy another product for the app. Is there a work around to make your Apple Watch work? ! And will I’ll come back anytime?

Looks like you’re seeing the same thing as in this post: Apple Watch Companion App - Bugs and Support - Zwift Forums

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Are you on iOS 17 and WatchOS 10?

This issue isn’t on Zwift - it’s on Apple for not playing nice with other ecosystems.

There are apparently bridging apps that’ll rebroadcast AppleWatch HR but they seem buggy. For all the trouble you’re likely to have trying to cobble a solution together, you could just buy a Coospo H808S chest strap HRM for $32.

Since people are reporting success when reinstalling the Watch app in iOS 17 / WatchOS 10, I’m guessing this was an unintentional change.

Worked for me as well

Nice! I’m actually surprised folks with Apple Watches (not using a 3rd party app bypass) can get it to work consistently. It’s always been on and off for me, I didn’t want to use another 3rd party app, so I just gave up on apple watch for HR in Zwift.