Zwift on iPhone won't connect to iWatch heart rate monitor

Searched the forum on this. A few articles about difficulties connecting the iWatch HRM to Zwift. Not many answers.

In my case, when I bring up Zwift, the iWatch HRM shows up in the connect screen. I say, ya pair with the iWatch. The iWatch will say paired, but never display any heart rate information. The Zwift app on the iPhone will also confirm its paired with the iWatch. After a few seconds, both the iWatch and iPhone report unpaired. The Zwift app never reports a heartrate.

Updated all the softwares etc. Looked through all the permissioning and I think I have that correct.

I would think I have a relatively common configuration, I’m surprised I’m having a problem.

Any advise or debugging tips?


I’m afraid that the Apple Watch isn’t supported by Zwift.

Oh. Silly me.

Is there some official statement about that somewhere?

Kinda surprising given the pervasiveness of the iWatch. Perhaps Apple and Zwift have some business issues.

Anyway thanks a bunch for the info.