Zwift on iPhone won't connect to iWatch heart rate monitor

Searched the forum on this. A few articles about difficulties connecting the iWatch HRM to Zwift. Not many answers.

In my case, when I bring up Zwift, the iWatch HRM shows up in the connect screen. I say, ya pair with the iWatch. The iWatch will say paired, but never display any heart rate information. The Zwift app on the iPhone will also confirm its paired with the iWatch. After a few seconds, both the iWatch and iPhone report unpaired. The Zwift app never reports a heartrate.

Updated all the softwares etc. Looked through all the permissioning and I think I have that correct.

I would think I have a relatively common configuration, I’m surprised I’m having a problem.

Any advise or debugging tips?


I’m afraid that the Apple Watch isn’t supported by Zwift.

Oh. Silly me.

Is there some official statement about that somewhere?

Kinda surprising given the pervasiveness of the iWatch. Perhaps Apple and Zwift have some business issues.

Anyway thanks a bunch for the info.

Ta other day Zwift demanded that I upgrade the Zwift game on my iPhone.

Shizzam! my Apple Watch heart rate monitor all of a sudden started working! This greatly improves my Zwifting experience.

Thanks to those at Zwift that brought the feature to fruition.

I can’t recall any changes being made with regards to the Apple Watch connectivity.

That said it’s always been intermittent so embrace the fact it’s working for you as tomorrow if might not.

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Bummed to hear that apparently the Apple Watch heartrate monitor is still not officially supported.

But apparently, its not far from working. Is there anyway to motivate the Zwift people to make support official? I am paying $15 a month for Zwift. I imagine there are other Apple Watch Zwifties out there that would appreciate support.

I doubt it and am pretty sure it’s because Apple choice to make it incredibly hard for 3rd party apps to read your HR. Any other HR monitor/fitness watch broadcasts a standard ANT+ and/or BT signal which can be read by any app and/or bike computer. No idea why Apple wouldn’t have done the same.


Maybe Apple is seeking some tribute from Zwift.

Strava does it I think the Zwift app on an iPhone is comparable to Strava app on an iPhone.

To be fair for the price of a months subscription you can buy a cheap HRM that works perfectly with Zwift.

Then I would have another gadget to screw around with.

And really would prefer to have a single HRM instrument for trainer and road riding to guarantee consistency.

Please add the Apple watch to the officially support HRM list. Its a pretty popular device, I’m sure many Zwifters would appreciate it. $180 a year for Zwift is a pretty expensive subscription for what you’re getting…