HR via Apple watch

I’m trying to get HR from my Apple Watch to record on SWIFT. From various blogs/YouTubers, I see it should be possible, but I can’t get it working. Has anyone been successful ?

My setup up is Kickr v5 bluetooth to a Mac. I have Zwift Companion on my watch and iPhone.
Starting companion on my watch just shows unpaired and on the mac within zwift settings it can not be found. If I don’t use the Mac and just the iphone for zwifting I do get HR - the iphone screen is just too small for me to use and enjoy. I’m on the same wireless network (if that makes a difference).

Hi Mesh, sorry to disappoint you, but I´m afraid Zwift´s support of the Apple Watch is very poor. You´ll find tons of complaints on this forum, and if I remember correctly Zwift stated in one of the app release notes of the past months that they officially stopped Apple Watch support or won´t develop it any further.

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Thanks Kerstin – it’s a shame as it seems many are interested in apple HR and SWIFT, but at least I know it’s not my setup.

As an alternative, I was thinking about getting wahaoo TickRFit which is an armband (I don’t get on with chest straps). This seems to have Bluetooth and ANT+. Has anyone used the TickRFit with zwift? Does it work with my setup (i.e. mac with Bluetooth to Kickr)?
Or are there any other options/recommendation?


Mesh I too have an Apple Watch disappointed that it doesn’t work with Zwift. I do use a wahoo tickr arm band and have had no problems with it.

Thanks Mike - good to know :+1:
I was hoping not to buy another HR monitor, but it seems I will :smiley:

I’ve had reasonable success using the HeartCast app. You install it on both the Apple Watch and your iPhone. Start the app on your phone, then on your watch. Zwift can then pair to phone as a HR monitor.

No idea if it will work if you run also ZC on the phone (I don’t use ZC).