Zwift / Ipad / Apple Watch / Wahoo Kickr

Hi all

Would really like some advice on this please!


  • I use an iPad to use Zwift.

  • I have a Wahoo Kickr 2018 turbo trainer.

  • I have a Wahoo Cadence sensor that came in the box with the Waho Kickr 2018. I attach it to my bike’s crankset.

All works fine, really enjoying the Zwift experience so far :slight_smile:

However, I have an Apple Watch that I’d like to pair to Zwift so that I can also see my Heart Rate on the iPad screen whilst I’m Zwifting (rather than continually checking my wrist for the reading)

Is it possible to connect my Apple Watch as the third bluetooth device on Zwift through my ipad?

Sorry, it’s driving me nuts - trying to work this out!

Thanks in advance, really appreciate any feedback



Hi @Daniel_Gazzelloni
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The Apple Watch can work as a heart rate monitor, but it’s not as straightforward as other HR devices.

Here are some Apple Watch best practices on our support hub.

Another article explains that you switching out of the Zwift app to go another app will disconnect the watch when you return to Zwift.

Hope these help! Let us know if that sheds some light on the weirdness you may have been seeing?


Thanks Shuji.

Do you think it’s easier to pair a Wahoo Tickr instead of the Apple Watch to track HR?

A chest based HRM is going to be far more accurate then a wrist based one. A Wahoo Tickr is a good choice since it is dual band (both ANT+ and Bluetooth).

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I don’t own an Apple Watch, so can’t speak from personal experience.

I use a Wahoo Tickr Fit on my wrist which connects and works flawlessly every time. I can’t speak to accuracy issue on the forearm vs chest, but the feel of the chest strap is a non-starter for me. YMMV.

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Thanks Paul.

That’s not necessarily true as the Apple Watch is fantastic for Heart Rate accuracy. I’m a heart surgery survivor & I undergo a nuclear stress test each year at the hospital. It involves riding on a stationary bike & when I do the tests my I monitor my HR from start of the test to end on the Apple Watch to the hospitals set up and it’s always 100% accurate!

Having said that it seems that a Wahoo Tickr could be the solution to my Apple connectivity issues?

Thanks again

Do you use Apple Health to track the history of your heart rate activity? If so, you may want to keep using the Apple Watch.

There are several third party fitness platforms that Zwift connects to. If you use one of those, then I’d say a Wahoo HRM would work more easily.

Hi Daniel. For what it’s worth, I use the Zwift Companion app on my iPhone which connects my Apple Watch Series 3 to Zwift on the Apple TV. I’m guessing it’ll do the same with the iPad.

I do have an issue though. In game, it’ll randomly drop the HR signal for a split second here and there during the ride. Sometimes it holds solid, while other times it drops a bunch (again, for just a split second), making the HR graph look like a comb. I say this just because I’m also thinking about getting a different HR monitor. But then I think, I’ve got a good, if not great one on my wrist already, and I use the Health app to track activity/calories, etc. I’m not sure why my Watch isn’t locked in 100% (or even 90%). My WiFi is fast and I’m in front of the devices I’m using. I will say the initial startup when going into a Zwift session is much better than it used to be, which I’m grateful for. The dropouts used to bug the heck out of me, now I’m just used to it. Hopefully no one else has this issue. Thankfully the power readings have been rock solid, which is great. Good luck and Ride On!

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I had to google this one, Your Mileage May Vary


Yep, I use Apple Health and Apple Watch to track my HR throughout the day. For my own personal analysis, reward points through Vitality & also the ECG inbuilt function of the Apple Watch. I’m able to run an ECG through my watch, download the results as a PDF and email my cardiologist who reviews. Fab really.

So I think I’d always wear my Apple Watch & then maybe get a Wahoo HRM Tickr to use to connect to Zwift so I can see my HR on screen.

Thanks Sean. Thanks useful info. I’ve heard the same also. Ride On!

I get the exact same thing

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Did you manage to resolve this issue? A friend of mine has the same thing going on. Thanks in advance.

Same issue with Apple Watch random dropouts here. Any ideas?

Hi. Same issue, anyone manage to resolve yet?