ZML Apple Watch Companion

With the release of the new Nike+ Apple Watch and Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2, I’ve got a renewed fervor for wanting to see Apple Watch support for Zwift.

In the past, the suggestion has been for the Apple Watch to display information.  However, I think that’s the wrong way to go about it.  The information you need is already on your screen!  

What I think would be a real game changer would be for the Apple Watch to support a companion app for Zwift Mobile Link.  Specifically, giving me a handful of simple controls I can use to control Zwift without needing to either mount my phone someone, or grab it from a jersey pocket or otherwise.  Turn, reverse, power-up, and pause, for example.  I think the most elegant solution would be one simply with four commonly used buttons.  

I’m unsure of the technical limitations, but perhaps enabling support for using the Apple Watches built in heartrate monitor in Zwift would be useful for some.  Though I suspect most of us already have a heartrate strap.

Thanks for your time!

ability to use some of the apple watch features is becoming overdue

I would love for Zwift to support the Apple Watch. The biggest benefit for me would be the transmission of heart rate data to Zwift. I am brand new to Zwift but have relied on the Watch for my heart rate tracking for a long time now. The fact that I wear the Watch all day anyway makes it more convenient than dealing with a strap.

We’re working on supporting HR and some other goodies on the Apple watch. Stay tuned. 



I’ll still be using my heartrate strap, but if I can use my watch instead of the mobile app for Zwift to turn, make a U-Turn, or do other (customizable?  Please?) actions, I’d be absolutely thrilled.

If you need a tester. I own an Apple watch. First edition.

I’m also willing to be a tester and have the 2nd version of the Apple Watch :slight_smile:

I will also Volunteer for HRM testing with Apple Watch V1.

This could be great news. I’m new to cycling and have an Apple Watch to monitor my HR. Been reading about Zwidt for a about 2 months. My wife and I bought a couple of smart trainers and finally tried out Zwift last night for the first time and are impressed. Having the ability to use the Apple Watch and see your HR in real time would only be an added benefit. If beta testers are needed we would gladly help.

Hi, I’m currently new and still on the free version… but I also own a AW2 and still waiting for HR from eBay.!!! I’ve had to buy a HR and strap simply to get the HR upload-able to Zwift. I’m impatient I guess. But I thought I’d take another look on-line to see if there’s a way to get the AW2 heart rate shared with Zwift. I’m not sure if there’s a lag on development due to Apple, but Zwift isn’t the only market leading brand/tech that’s not able to share health data (both ways) with Apple. For instance Strava is lacking health data with apple Health currently… this is very frustrating and is the reason I’ve stopped my Strava. When will these companies including Apple realise the key to all this health success is the ability to share data.  PS I’m really looking forward to trying out Zwift, just waiting on the eBay delivery… : )

im pretty sure we are still waiting for this, excitedly waiting!

Here’s another V1 apple watch that’s willing to be a beta tester. :slight_smile: Great job and keep up the good work Zwift. 

I’d be happy to test the Apple Watch for Zwift, I tested the IOS version and currently have two Apple watches. 1 original 42mm & 1, 42mm series 2 watches. I usually start the Apple Watch Workout app using the “indoor cycle” selection. It would be nice to be able to select either the Apple Watch or a BT HRM at the Paried devices screen, then it could start & stop with the Zwift session.

Apple Watch Nike+ edition user here ready and willing to test HRM with zwift. Hadn’t realised that zwift doesn’t yet support it to be honest, so a bit gutted!

Ready and waiting for this

The Apple watch can be used as a HR monitor if your running Zwift on the iPad or iPhone after the latest update, haven’t tried it yet.

If they have that (I haven’t been successful with it yet) I’m hoping an update to the Mobile link is coming soon with the same functionality. I tried running Zwift iOS on an iPad not linked to my Apple Watch (My watch is paired to my phone and decided not to switch that link for the first try). It appears Zwift won’t pick up the HR from a non-paired Apple Watch. I may try running Zwift iOS on my phone soon but prefer the larger screen with Mobile Link.

Just tried pairing my apple watch series 2 to zwift on my iphone after M TuZ’s comment, still cant see my watch on the app. I’m running version 1.0.16111 so it should work, but just dont see it appearing on my iphone app.

Ok, with a bit of time i figured it out. Go to the watch app on your iPhone and scroll down to the zwift app and turn on show on Apple Watch. Hey presto, Apple Watch HRM on zwift, perfect!

What if I use my laptop for zwift and use my phone for ZML?