Apple Watch integration

Just wondering if there’s been any advances in getting the Apple Watch to work? I know they were looking for a ‘long term’ solution but it’s 2022 now!

No recent mention of it but I’d expect it in the first half of this year using past experience.

Great thanks! Hope it’s soon

i’m not an AW user: AW is not yet support by Zwift? Really?

Well it did but it didn’t work very well so now it doesn’t until it’s fixed

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It’s been patchy Roberto to say the least. No reason why Zwift wouldn’t support it but many users have issues.

I used my Apple Watch last year and rarely had any issue with it. At the time I used Apple TV for Zwift and the companion app on my iPhone and Apple Watch and most of the time it just worked. Maybe 1 in 20 rides it just refused to connect or dropped and wouldn’t reconnect. Usually a restart of the Apple Watch and/or the iPhone would fix it. Over the summer I bought a cheat HR monitor for longer rides and use that for Zwift now and it is more stable than the Apple Watch.

I have seen people recommend apps on the App Store that just turn the Apple Watch into a Bluetooth heart rate monitor that you can connect to Zwift (or a bike computer), but I’ve never tried them.

Yeah I never had problems like 1-2 years ago! What app was that?

Which app? A couple of years ago I was using the Zwift companion app on my Apple Watch to get my heart rate.

The app I’d seen recommended was BlueHeart (‎BlueHeart Bluetooth Heart Rate on the App Store), but I’ve never tried it myself.