Apple Watch Help

Hey people,

I was wondering if I could get some advice/help. I have the Nike Apple Watch Series 3, and it has no trouble sensing my heart rate. I am able to connect this heart rate monitor to Zwift mobile easily, but I cannot seem to get it to come up on my computer even when using the zwift companion app. I prefer to watch myself and look at my data on my computer rather than on my phone, but I’m just not able for some reason to connect my heart rate. I feel like I am just doing something incorrect. Does anyone have any clue on how to get my heart rate data from my Apple Watch onto my computer?

Just to note, I have no other trouble getting any data on my computer from my stationary.



I have the same issue, when I run Zwift on my phone everything works great. I have read multiple posts stating that if you launch Zwift on your iPad, Apple TV or what ever, then you launch the companion app on your phone. The phone is supposed to relay the data. At this point I believe that flat out simply does not work.

Gotta believe this is partly and Apple issue as they wont relay the hear rate monitoring to external devices. I love the watch for outdoor riding but it really is not a complete solution for the serious cyclist.

If you are using an iPad or a Mac, use the Zwift Apple Watch app instead of the Zwift Companion Apple Watch app. When I used to use an iPad, I would just connect to it directly via Bluetooth and then use the Zwift app on the watch.

Sorry, voy lD you pelease hice us more destails. About how do you connect the Apple Watch with the Zwift app un the iPad for run?