Zwift Running with iPad

Hi all.

I’m struggling to connect my Apple Watch to Zwift on my iPad when trying to do a run on a treadmill.
Its Apple Watch 6, iPad 9th Gen and iPhone 14 so the tech is up to date. I have had the companion app open too but cant connect the watch to the iPad.

Is it an iPad thing?


Apple Watch isn’t supported in Zwift, it was pulled over a year ago.

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I’ve been successfully. connecting my Apple Watch to use it for heart rate tracking.

Once Zwift is launched on the iPad and I log in, I then launch the Companion app on my iPhone. Once that says “loading”, the Companion app on my Watch auto-launches and sometimes connects. If it doesn’t, I quit the app on the Watch and relaunch it. After that, it seems to connect.

I’m sorry that I can’t be more specific, it honestly feels like voodoo.

(Quitting an app on the Watch means going to the recent apps (single press on the long button on the right side of the watch), scrolling to the app you want to quit, then swiping sideways and pressing the red X button.)

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That works perfectly for me to get HR, Pace, and Distance from the Apple Watch to Zwift on iPad. Thanks!