Bug - paired devices


Connecting my trainer to macbook pro was smooth and without issue.
elite direto xr
Macbook pro


A friend of mine was unable to pair his trainer to a macbook air but worked fine on an Iphone 12.
Macbook air
Wahoo Kickr Core

Having gone through all troubleshooting guides we ended up using Ant+ which worked right off the bat on my friends setup since mine was working fine

The other day my macbook lost battery and i had to connect my iPhone 12 instead.
Now my macbook pro doesnt find my trainer…

So… common denominator seems to be that if you pair your phone Zwift doesnt wanna pair to another apple device?

(We also tried an iPad without luck)

Anyone has a solution or encountered the same problem?

Bluetooth can only pair to one device at a time make sure to unpair ad remove the trainer Bluetooth from all other devices.

The bluetooth and app was disabled 15mins before starting my training session. It doesnt matter.

My friend has the exact aame problem.

Im starting to think this is serverside or zwift client side. Something is making Zwift believe the iPhone is still connected even though it isnt.

Try selecting the gear icon in the upper right hand side of the pairing screen and choose "use built in Bluetooth "


Built in Bluetooth is on always, it doesnt matter.
Thanks for taking time to answer

Yes it does matter, Zwift has a setting to use built in or the companion app, check the setting using the gear icon as i described. If it is set to only use the companion app for Bluetooth it won’t search for devices using built-in Bluetooth.

Yes, and that settings has never been changed and companion was never activated.

Only time we changed it was when i bought ant+ sensor for my friend as a solution to the same problem.