Zwift won't bluetooth connect through Mac to trainer

My 2014 Mac running MacOs Monterey 12.6 will not connect to my trainer (Jet Black Volt) via bluetooth pairing. When asked for power source on screen it just spins and searches and no connection becomes available. I have selected to pair through my iphone and companion app and the trainer is recognized there. Not sure what to do. Any help is appreciated.

So it pairs via Companion and works, but not directly to the mac? Or it doesn’t pair at all?

I’d start by pairing it to the Jetblack Volt app, install latest firmware, then make sure it’s not paired to any apps and try pairing directly to Zwift on the mac. Also make sure it’s not paired to the mac’s Bluetooth service directly - only pair in the Zwift app.

You may also want to contact Jetblack support for help.