Pairing iPhone with MacBook Pro PROBLEMS HELP!

Hi All!
I tried several times to pair the app with the app on my laptop. They’re on the same wi-fi, I restarted the apps, took advice from the forum that was several years old including restarting airport (?) I’ve tried what I can. Neither device is seeing each other. I also have bluetooth on. Please assist! I tried contacting customer service, but no one is answering. Thanks for your help.

To be clear, you are running the Companion app on your iPhone and the Zwift app on your laptop??

And yes, both your iPhone and MacBook need to be on the same WiFi. Try putting your phone into Airplane mode which will force it to use the WiFi. Then make sure it can connect to the internet.

Bluetooth has nothing to do with the connection between your iPhone and MacBook.

You say they cannot see each other. Not sure what exactly you mean, but after you start Zwift and begin riding, turn on the Companion app. It could take a moment or two, but the Companion app should change modes and display a map of the world you are riding.

If you still cannot get it to work, more details would be useful.


not sure of the problem here
what trainer are you using?
this needs to connect to your mbp using bluetooth (assuming a newish mbp with latest bt) or Ant+ (with dongle)
forget the separate companion app, hr and other sensors for the time being
All zwift is interested in is power/kg

this is transmitted from your trainer via its own power output sensor, or calculated from a speed sensor and a known power/speed relationship by swift app.

let us know how u get on