Mac Mojave Update + Kicks + Zwift

I upgraded my operating system to Mac Mojave and my Kickr trainer will pair with my phone and then also to the computer with zwift but then it says NO SIGNAL, this also happens with my cadence sensor. This is new since the upgrade and I haven’t had any problems prior to this. Any assistance would be wonderful as I like to use the companion app on my phone while looking at my larger screen for the ride. Thanks! I have an iOS 6S phone if that is applicable.

Your Kickr can only be paired via Bluetooth to either your iPhone or your Mac. If paired to one, it will not pair to the other.

If you turn off your iPhone Bluetooth, can you get things paired correctly in Zwift on your Mac?

You might also try turning off Bluetooth on your Mac and launching Zwift (not Companion app) on your iPhone. If you get everything working on your iPhone, then you know your trainer is okay. Also, you can ride albeit w/out the use of the Companion app.

Another option would be to reset the Bluetooth module on your Mac. If you have Bluetooth headphones, mice, etc., paired to your Mac, they will all need to be re-paired after this reset. As such, this is more of a last ditch measure:

Bluetooth Module Reset

Perfect. I will try this over the weekend and let you know. Thank you SO much :pray: