Zwift + Kickr Core not connecting via BT

I have owned a Kickr Core for about two weeks now.
I am seriously tempted to return the Kickr and, obviously, cancel the Zwift membership.

The BT connection doesn’t work 90% of the time, and when it does, it takes 20/30 minutes of tribulation (turning MAC on/off, BT on/off, Kick on/off, MANY times). Right now, I have been trying for 40 minutes and still not working. It’s quite frustrating.

I do not have any other device connected, and no other app synced with the Kickr.

I don’t understand what makes it so hard to establish some Bluetooth protocol handshake… I have never had such issues with any other BT device in my life… Zwift app is really BAD.

Hi @Claudia_Cauli, welcome to the Zwift forums!

How far away is your Mac from the Kickr? There must be something causing interference.

One option would be to get an ANT+ dongle and a usb extension cable to get it as close as possible to the Kickr and ditch using bluetooth.

Another option would be using the Zwift companion app on your phone as a bridge for the signal via wifi. Have you tried that yet?

I have read about this issue from other MAC users and a quick search on the web has lots of stories but I’m afraid no clear cut solution. People can connect quickly using their phone or Ipad but that Mac gives them hot or miss connectivity. The only thing I can recommend to try are:

  1. Install the Wahoo app on your MAC and see if the Kickr connects to that.
  2. Try updating the Kickr software via the app and then perform a calibration.
  3. Make sure that any other device that you previously used to pair with the trainer has BT turned off.
  4. Finally some users have said that they can “reset” the bluetooth on the MAC (google how to do that) and that solved it for some.

I tend to agree with you that its a software handshake issue with your MAC and your trainer. Others have the same issue with Trainer Road. Headphones, keyboards and mice don’t seem to have this issue. I suppose it could be a signal interference issue causing repeated packet timeouts and resends, The MAC can pair up to 7 devices on BT but as a test I would try to minimize it an see if that helps.

The options presented by @Mike_Rowe1 are worth exploring. You can get an Anself ANT+ dongle from Amazon for under $20. I use one on my PC and don’t require an extension cable but if you are in an environment where radio interference is an issue a cable would help isolate your signal. If you do have a USB port on your MAC there are adaptors you can buy to connect a USB.

Mac and Kickr are 10cm from each other… No other BT device in range. I doubt there is anything causing interference.

I tried all the suggestions proposed here (which I had already found googling the issue) and none of them worked. The connection between the two devices seems completely non-deterministic.

I am waiting for a reply from Zwift regarding the issue.

You tried ANT+ And still no luck? Tried the Companion app Bridge and no luck?

I have the same issue. Were you able to resolve it?

It’s extremely inconsistent. Zwift recognizes the Kickr Core almost immediately sometimes and then not at all at other times. Companion app has not helped (thought it might be due to proximity/distance from my Apple TV). If I load spotify in the background all zwift bluetooth connections drop on the ATV and I have to fiddle to get them connected all over again. Wahoo support has been offering suggestions over email, none have worked so far.

I was NOT able to resolve.
None of the solutions recommended worked for me and, honestly, I think they’re just BS: there is clearly some communication protocol issue between Zwift over MAC (MacOSX? Apple protocolos?) and the Kickr that the developers should aim at solving…

I am now borrowing an iPad Pro and the connection between iPad and Kickr is INSTANTANEOUS.
With the iPad, I have never had any issue/interference whatsoever (and the environment where I am using the two devices is the same as before).

Thanks for your reply. Good to know. Can you replicate this in other apps or just Zwift?

I haven’t tried an iPad yet but will do so this evening and report back. Wondering if it’s just lack of development $ and effort going to Mac and Apple TV!