hello, i am using the kickr core. The connection with Bluetooth works and is displayed in Zwift. However, no values ​​are displayed and the driver does not move. what should I do. Thank you

Hello @St_Wing, welcome to the forums.

What device are you pairing the Kickr Core to for Zwift, is it a PC, tablet, phone, Apple TV, etc? Make sure nothing else is paired to the Kickr, bluetooth is a one-to-one connection so if something else is paired then Zwift will not be able to see it.

hello Mike, I connected the Kickr to an iMac. otherwise the Kickr is not connected to any other device

I remember seeing an issue with Macs that you need to accept the location permissions when installing Zwift so it can use bluetooth. Do you remember allowing Zwift to use your location when installing?

I’ve been using Zwift for a long time and have never had any problems. the problem is that bluetooth is recognized but no performance is shown in Zwift.

Is it paired as power and controllable on the pairing screen? It could also be connected to the mac OS, try forgetting the device (kickr) in the mac’s bluetooth settings.

the Kickr is coupled as a power supply and can be controlled. what do you mean with: try forgetting the device (kickr) in the mac’s bluetooth settings.

Ok, thanks

all the attempts were unsuccessful. Performance data is not transmitted via the Apple 8, 11, the iPad or the iMac. The avatar stands and does not move, although the Bluetooth connection is established.

Does it work fine with the Wahoo app? It’s possiblr that the trainer has developed a fault.

The Wahoo app shows the connection to the trainer. Values ​​are not transferred from the trainer to the app when I start pedaling.