Can't get new Kickr to pair.

I just bought a new Kickr.  It pairs with Wahoo app, but on the Zwift app, I think I selected the wrong trainer at the outset.  I only have “Power source” and “Speed Sensor” as options to pair with and neither works.   Is there a way to get back to the beginning and select a smart trainer or Wahoo kickr option?

Help is appreciated.

Hi Allie,

Yes, just click ‘Unpair’ from the Pairing Screen. (I refer to PC version of Zwift).

Several things can be wrong, but all are fixable and then you’ll love the KickR.

Using Wahoo App, you have to update the KickR firmware. You need to select the FE-C version when you pair the KickR in Zwift. You may need an Ant+ dongle.

You’ll need to explain your Zwift setup for more help.

Thanks for your help.  The trouble is that I don’t have a PC, only iphone, ipad & macbook. I thought there might be a stronger version of zwift on a computer vs a device, but I can’t find a version of Zwift for Mac.

I’m just using the kickr as is, no dongle, ant, etc. 

I hope this link can be some help to you. 

I’m just not familiar with pairing through the app.

They do have Zwift for Mac. I have Zwift running on my Macbook, if that helps . . . They have the download for the application right in the middle on this page, if it helps:

I have a Kickr and older Macbook. I am using Bluetooth to connect. For whatever reason, the Kickr signal seems more reliable to my iPhone 7 than to my old MacBook . … I am sure someone out there knows the reason. So far, I have been unsuccessful at using Mobile link . . . That is the next step for me to get it working nicely.