Kickr connection problem

(M Dutka YVR) #1


may be that this is somewhere out there though can’t find it. Have a 2015 kickr I rode trouble free all last winter into the early spring. Rode the sunny roads in the summer and today tried to ride Zwift one more without success as it no longer sees my kickr.

I use a MacBook Pro, OS X 10, and an ant+ dongle.

The wahoo utility and ap see the kicker fine, yes, the kickr received the firmware update a couple months ago.

When I try to pair with Zwift, the app sees the kickr though won’t connect and let me “go” ride. Well, it did once though as I tried to ride my avatar just sat and laughed at me. :slight_smile:


any help ell would be appreciated  





(Jason K) #2

I saw you were able to resolved this issue in a ticket, so I’m marking it complete. Glad you’re able to ride again! :slight_smile: