My Kickr no longer connecting?

Looking for anyone’s guidance here. My kickr will no longer connect via bluetooth and when I use the companion app it will connect but my rider won’t move. The kickr app itself works just fine and has no issues so I know it’s a zwift issue.
Anyone have any suggestions beyond the basics of “powering off for 30secs” “disconnecting/reconnecting bluetooth” etc… The obvious stuff I’ve worked through but very much appreciate any suggestions or experiences. Thanks!

what platform are you on?

some factors that have messed up my kickr to PC connection in the past:

  • windows update
  • bluetooth driver update
  • kickr firmware update

in one case i actually had to downgrade the kickr firmware for a few months.

Any chance the trainer is still connected to the Wahoo app?

Thanks Nigel. No, I have disconnected, deleted, and re-installed the kickr app (not running), zwift (mac), and companion.

I can connect my devices, my rider just won’t move.

Thanks Dan.
I’m using a OS on Mac. I had the problem of my rider not working both before and after the firmware update on the kickr. I had high hopes that when I did the firmware update on the wahoo that would be the answer but sadly it wasn’t working before and isn’t working now.

no bluetooth driver issues seem to be in play as I can connect, my rider just won’t move.

Are you using the internal bluetooth on the Mac or a USB dongle? Sometimes the internal one just have very poor range.

Other things could be interfering too such as a fan. Has anything changed or been moved around in your environment recently?

Any change if you pair via the Companion app?

Thanks Mike. No dongle, same internal as for the past several years. I have nothing else competing running (fan unplugged, all other devices removed from proximity).

I also did move it into my living room and my kitchen just to see if somehow it was a range/connection issue.

No dice…

Thanks Paul. No, same issue. Rider won’t move.
This one is perplexing. Years of no problem and all of a sudden now…

are you sure you have an active subscription to zwift? i’ve seen people in the past who are connected ok, but the avatar won’t move – it’s because the subscription lapsed, and so they are beyond the “trial period”. sort of a long shot, but might be worth checking, especially if you bought it through an apple store.

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Good point, although in that situation there will be Watts on the HUD while avatar is stuck in the mud, so it’s usually possible to tell.

Thanks Dan. Yeah, worth the long shot. But yes, I’m active and paid up. This is very frustrating and no help from Zwift support.
Considering cancelling my subscription which I don’t want to do but this is going nowhere.

one more long shot – does the zwift app on your mac need permission to access bluetooth? maybe something changed there?

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You may as well test it with some other cycling apps and see if they’re affected as well (eg, Rouvy, indieVelo, TrainerRoad, etc). Most of them offer some kind of free trial or money-back guarantee.

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Try all of these troubleshooting steps?

Are the Garmin Connect / Wahoo Element app installed on your Mac and/or smartphone? If yes - uninstall from the smartphone and Mac and see what happens.

Garmin Connect in particular runs in the background (even if you think it’s not doing anything) listening for Bluetooth devices it can pair with. It’s possible that the trainer’s Bluetooth signals are already paired to without your knowledge.

I had this situation where Garmin Connect on my phone was causing trainer dropouts on the Zwift game installed on my PC. Once I uninstalled Garmin Connect from my Android - BLE signal became bulletproof. Also check what other fitness apps on your phone might be interfering - I’m not trying single out Garmin by any means.

Thanks Shuji. I uninstalled garmin, strava, etc. and it didn’t make a difference. Thanks for the thought but this is getting insanely frustrated.

Thanks Mike. It connects and gets me to the race screen but my rider just sits there. The team from Zwift isn’t making any progress on this either.