Pairing issues - MacBookAir8,1 not finding Elite Suito-t Trainer

Hi, I cannot connect the zwift app on my macbook air (2018) to my elite suito T trainer. It should be a very simple process but it simply cannot find the trainer (connection via bluetooth)

Make sure the trainer is not already paired to something else, including to your Mac directly. Do not pair your trainer to your Mac in the normal BT way - pair it only through Zwift and “forget” it if it’s paired directly to the Mac.

Hi @Luca_Schembri, Welcome to the Zwift Forums!

Besides the support already received, I checked your logs server and found your Elite trainer already paired to Zwift. Did you get to pair it on your MacBook or using your iPhone? I’m wondering if the issue persists. In any case; I’m sharing this article with some possible causes that may prevent a successful pairing and possible solutions.

  • If a third-party app is running in the background, it may prevent Zwift from detecting your device.

  • You may need to wake up your device before pairing.

Thanks for asking.
Actually i managed to connect the mac to the trainer, I had to go in the zwift app preference. On line in various tutorials and explanations how to pair the devices it is not found, it would be useful to add!
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Hi @Luca_Schembri, I appreciate your feedback. I’ll ensure to pass it on to the appropriate team to ensure this feedback is addressed properly.

It’s great to know that you’ve managed to solve the pairing issues and successfully paired your Elite trainer to Zwift.

For any other questions you may please, keep us posted.

Ride On.