Wahoo Bluetooth Speed Sensor

Hi - Zwift is not picking up my Wahoo Bluetooth speed sensor.  I have the Mobile Link, with the Bluetooth swtich on. My pc also has Bluetooth.  The Wahoo sensor is awake.

Have googled and read every article available.

Wahoo worked immediately with TrainerRoad app with no issues at all.



You can only connect BLE directly to a mac, for a PC you need to use the mobile app to bridge the connection to you computer. 

Thanks Paul. I tried the Mobile Link too. Even when the Mobile app finds Zwift on a shared wireless router, which is seldom, it still can’t pickup the Bluetooth sensor. Seems like quite a technology stack they are trying to get working together so I’m not surprised it doesn’t work. I punted and ordered an Ant+ dongle.

Same problem I’m having.  Bluetooth sensors work fine with Wahoo app through bluetooth but Zwift software and even the swift mobile app doesn’t connect with any bluetooth.  The ANT+ dongle connects everything tho.