Help connecting my wahoo sensor

Hi, I’ve got a basic trainer and purchased a wahoo speed sensor…I’ve had it pair once to my phone and then cast it via my firestick to my tv… it sort of worked but kept lagging… I the remembered I could use my hp laptop,…or so I thought… the laptop was upgraded sometime ago to Windows 10. The Bluetooth driver wouldn’t (common issues with hp pavilion laptops)…so I bought a Bluetooth usb adapter… so far so good… my laptop can find the sensor and it’s shown as connected… my zwift just has an exlamation marker next to it…it will not connect…before I go out and spend big money on a smart trainer, I need to see a basic setup working…so far not impressed…

Hi @Andrew_PARKER5

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You need to un pair and forget the trainer in Windows. You should only pair with Zwift.

Bluetooth can only pair to one thing at a time.

Let us know if this helps

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I’ve unpaired everything and the zwift app on my laptop simply wont see the Bluetooth adapter , there’s still the exlamation mark next to it. The Bluetooth is working as it can find the wahoo speed sensor and pair up. It the zwift program that doesn’t want to talk to my laptop tooth.

The zwift app on the my s7 phone connects eventually but casting this to my tv is lagging…

All I want to do is see if it worth investing in a smart trainer and what I need to get zwift on my tv…
A week into this and so far it’s not been a great experience.

I’ve also tried the companion app on my phone to send it to my laptop but the connectio via companion app still is not highlighted.

Try an ANT+ dongle with an extension usb cable, they are around $15 - $20 on amazon and are much more stable than bluetooth.