Problem connecting Wahoo via Bluetooth on laptop

I’m new to Zwift and bought a Wahoo RPM Speed Sensor for cycling. The Wahoo works with Zwift on my android App.

When I run Zwift 1.0.55600 on my laptop and try to add a speed sensor, Zwift tells me my Bluetooth is off. Bluetooth is not off, I can pair the Wahoo to the Laptop outside of Zwift. The rest of Zwift works fine, I can watch others run/cycle.

Windows 10, Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 Laptop.

Thanks for any input

Are you sure the message didn’t say Bluetooth and not WiFi?


don’t do this, Zwift won’t be able to grab the bluetooth signal if the laptop has is connected. Forget the wahoo device in your laptop settings.


Ugh, yes it does say Bluetooth. Sorry for the misinformation.

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I did disconnect from the laptop. When I’m in Zwift and trying to add my Wahoo as a speed sensor the Bluetooth symbol at the upper left already has a yellow triangle indicating there is a problem with Bluetooth, and then the animated squirrel comes up and says something like my Bluetooth receiver is off.

You probably need to install the Redistributable Packages. Close Zwift, download and install this, reboot your machine and try again.