Wahoo Blue SC speed / cadence sensor

I just got the MAC beta invite and have all the sensors recommended for a Kurt trainer they have in the invite email. Wahoo sensors, MacBook Pro requirements, but can’t get my Garmin ANT key or Zwift to see my Wahoo sensor at all. Works just fine with BT in Trainer Road. Has anyone had this issue or any suggestions?

I’ve tried the obvious things like restarting, switching USB ports, moving the laptop very close to the sensors…etc. Testing the sensors with the Wahoo app and BT shows the sensors are working just fine and transmitting speed and cadence.

8 inches of fresh snow outside, so any suggestions will help me keep my sanity! Thanks!

Then most likely your sensors are Bluetooth only. Just to confirm, does the packaging also have the ANT+ symbol? Some of the Wahoo Blue SC’s are Bluetooth only (which Zwift does not yet support).

The Wahoo SC2 has BTSmart and Ant+
The Wahoo SC has BTSmart

Same thing for me… My WahooSC2 doesn’t work with Zwift. Can you find a solution? Thank 

Alex - Did you ever find a solution.  I am getting ready to purchase a Wahoo Blue SC2, but if that wasn’t the solution, I won’t bother.  John

John, I dont find solution… if anyone find one, please share it ! :slight_smile:

You need to look on the back of the Wahoo Blue S/C sensor and see if it is ANT+ or BLE only. If it is BLE only you will need to use the Zwift App on a phone or a tablet to bridge it to your PC.

I have a Wahoo Blue S/C sensor that is BLE only and I got it to work by using the Zwift App on my iPhone to bridge it to my PC. You will need to make sure they are on the same Wireless network (2.4GHz Channel 1 seems to work best) and that no other apps are connected to the sensor.

Same problem here after Zwift announced it is Bluetooth compatible.  Unable to link to the Wahoo sensor through the Zwift Mobile Link app.  The Wahoo works perfectly with TrainerRoad.