Wahoo Blue SC Speed Sensor

Zwift is detecting the my cadence from the Blue SC sensor. It does not detect the speed though.

I am using a Wahoo Element Bolt, and both the cadence and speed are detected on that device. .

In the Zwift interface, when I tell it to select the Blue SC sensor from speed it wants me to pick a trainer from the list. When I do, I select “not listed” and there is no detection of the speed sensor at that point.

Any advice on what I’m missing here?

Hi @Lance_Lunsford, welcome to the forums.

First thing to try is power off the Bolt and make sure the sensors aren’t being picked up by any other app such as the Wahoo app on your phone. Bluetooth will only connect to one device at a time, so you want to make sure that Zwift is the only program picking up the signal.

2nd, make sure the sensors are installed properly and that the magnet on your rear wheel is close enough to the sensor.

Let us know if either of those work.


Thanks…I’ll verify that other programs are off

Thanks for the info I made sure to power off everything and turned off the phone blue tooth. The speed sensor had been picked up on the element before so I think the sensor itself is connecting. not sure if there might be another issue to troubleshoot

Looks like it’s connecting with zwift, but not reading anything. Double check the magnet on the wheel is passing by the sensor in the right spot and close enough to the sensor. It needs to be pretty close to get a reading.

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Will do. Thank you.

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