Help :-)


I have a problem with Bluetooth connection. I am trying to use Zwift with a Wahoo HRM, Wahoo Cadence sensor and a Wahoo Speed sensor.

When I view the sensors through the Wahoo Apps’s or my Elemnt all the sensors show as working normally.

When I try to use Zwift the app only detects the speed sensor and not the other two! I am using an IPhone 6 running the latest software. I have tried reinstalling the App but to with no luck.

I did get the three sensors paired once but only very briefly.

Any help much appreciated.

All the best


You need to make sure that the sensors are not connected to any other device or app before starting Zwift (this goes for your phone also), Bluetooth only allows one connection at a time.

Also make sure you close the Wahoo app before opening the Zwift app.